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Till Paulmann - Clearing (CD)


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"Lichtung" - that's the name of the new album by Till Paulmann. It is the successor to his debut "I know" from 2011. "Lichtung" confidently combines acoustic singer-songwriter pop with the instruments of electric rock-pop music and modernly produced guitars and sounds.
The title "Lichtung" symbolizes the central theme of the twelve titles. This vague feeling of a longing for arrival, for love, for the perfect state, plays a role in Till Paulmann's texts again and again. With songs like "Übersee", "Schwerelos", "Schein" and "Chaospiloten" he goes in search of his personal "clearing". But Till Paulmann also contagiously transports the feeling of departure, of being newly in love and the fulfillment of a happy relationship in titles such as "I need you", "I'm inconvenient" or "Stay with me". In creative collaboration with the producer André Kuntze in the Enterprise Studios Berlin, a musically compact and yet emotionally complex album was created with "Lichtung".
The musician Till Paulmann is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Berlin. Paulmann has been working as a professional musician since 1995, including in TV productions and since 2000 in Frank Schöbel's live band. Till Paulmann regularly performs on the Berlin stages with his own band. In 2014, as the winner of a Radio Star FM song competition, he was allowed to open Richie Sambora's Berlin concert.

01 I'm inconvenient
02 I need you
03 Overseas
04 bill
05 Weightless
06 Chaos Pilots
07 Lonely
08 Nobody wants you
09 Train in the snow
10 clearing
11 stay with me
12 pistol to the chest