Till Seidel Band - Get On Board (CD) (5871820538009)

Till Seidel Band - Get On Board (CD)


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Till Seidel & His Band means Rhythm 'n' Blues with a lot of energy. Away from the sad, dusty image and back to the origins when people still danced, sang and laughed to R'n'B. Playing the blues today and bringing it to life means preserving history and not closing yourself off to new things. In this way, Till Seidel and his band mix the most diverse influences of American music and transport them into our time. Anyone who has seen this band knows: nobody stays put and even the last one forgets their everyday blues. "There is no better way to conquer the national blues scene, so far Till Seidel and his band have done everything right." - Blues In Germany

01 Why Should I Get Up
02 Get On Board
03 Darn Soul
04 Feel Alright
05 Coming home
06 I Wanna Know
07 Treat Her Right
08 Damn
10 Look But Don't Touch
11 Standing In Line
12 My Song (Lalala)