Tilman Hübner - Monatsstücke. 12 Fantasien für Gitarre (CD) (5871782789273)

Tilman Hübner - Pieces of the month. 12 Fantasias for Guitar (CD)

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With great stylistic openness, the monthly pieces are subjective impressions from the respective month of composition. Compositional elements and expressive possibilities of the so-called serious, occidental music from 1600 to the present day and idioms from jazz, folk, world and pop music form a varied, yet cohesive whole. From intimate tranquility to virtuosic extroversion, the monthly pieces can be exciting companions throughout the year.

01 January
02 February
03 March
04 April
05 May
06 June
07 July
08 Aug
09 Sept
October 10th
November 11th
12th of December