Tim Pfau - Sun Day Blues (CD) (5871719776409)

Tim Pfau - Sun Day Blues (CD)


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On his second album "Sun Day Blues" Tim Pfau consistently follows his path to his special sound, which playfully combines blues, rock and jazz influences. With 17 new guitar instrumentals, he once again convincingly presented his broad musical spectrum. From the driving rock groove to acoustic sounds, to reggae and Latin tracks, the diverse stylistic elements blend into a unique mix.
Tim Pfau lets the strong influences and traces of the 60s and 70s appear in a new, contemporary and timeless light. His melodic and narrative guitar playing also impresses in this production and Tim Pfau manages to reach the ears and heart of the listener with his outstanding feeling and he creates a lot of images in his head. In cooperation with the keyboarder Günter Hornung, a new additional musical dimension and sound perspective opens up in five pieces.
Altogether an exciting and varied collection of soulful and down-to-earth guitar blues rock songs.

01 Morning
02 Latinos In LH
03 Rock It All Over
04 In The Right Moment
05 Roots On Tour
06 post it
07 Born On Friday
08 Come To My Fantasy
09 Last Call For The Future
10 Heavy duty
11 Daily Blues
12 Balls Of Fire