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Timo Brandt - Grounded (CD)


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The creation of Timo Brandt's album "Grounded" was a risk and an adventure from the start. And it sounds just as exciting. You can hear many acoustic, sometimes unusual sounds - guitars, grand piano, cello, clarinet, synthesizer and interesting percussions such as calabash, jujus and hand-woven shakers. You can hear Timo's expressive voice and wonderfully delicate backing vocals. He sings catchy, heart-touching tunes, but never sounds like he's trying to write a hit song. One senses that someone is on a journey, in search of life.
The English lyrics sound authentic and poetic. It's not your typical love song - Timo Brandt sings about more than just heartbreak and relationships. He is radical in his honesty and his quest for more.
After three years alone with his western guitar on numerous stages, Timo Brandt is no longer the person he was before. What began as a hobby increasingly defined his life and identity. He wanted to reflect that - immortalize the songs that had matured on stage.
In the "Van Heys Studios" in Kleve he found the perfect environment to realize his sound ideas. With no budget, he threw himself into recording. He sang numerous voices and initially played many instruments himself. With the cellist Ardie van der Knijff (NL), the singer "Rina" (D) and the duo "Archer & Tripp" (GB/D) on clarinet and percussion, he was able to inspire top-class guest musicians from three nations for his songs. He let them hear the music and gave them the freedom to play whatever came to mind. The emotions increased in a wonderful way. The plan, which wasn't one, worked.
Between the recordings there were always spontaneous concerts. These always brought in just enough money for the next studio day. In addition, pre-orders for the new album came before it was even finished. It took months for the work to be completed.
For mixing and mastering, he was able to win over Sebastian Rottstegge, who has already demonstrated a keen sense and a good ear through his work with AnnenMeiKantereit on their debut work "AMK".
The artwork for "Grounded" comes from the artist Dootje Maillard. After a few conversations about the album and the songs, she spontaneously drew the motif by hand and then worked it out further.

01 intro
02 In The Darkness
03 Clocks
04 Thanks I'm Fine
05 Long Lost Friend
06 mountaintop
07 Honestly
08 Solid Ground
09 Grounded
10 Mr. Wait
11 Close To Life