TNNE - Life 3.0 (CD)

TNNE - Life 3.0 (CD)


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Sechs lange Jahre hat es gedauert, bis die Luxemburger endlich ihr neues Album vorstellen können. Die Zeit haben sie genutzt, um alle Emotionen dieser ereignisreichen Zeit, mit all‘ seiner Trauer, Verzweiflung, Frust und Hoffnung, in sechs Stücken zusammenzufassen. Ergebnis ist das vielseitigste, härteste aber auch verspielteste TNNE Album.

TNNE:"The new album is based on the novel “Otherland” by Tad Williams. "The Net" as opener briefly explains the plot and flirts more as a film score. The deep voice of Roby Rinaldetti is supposed to remind of a movie trailer. With the 14-minute opus "Dreaming Awake", we pull out all the stops of musical complexity. This leads to jazzy elements, 80s sounds and very hard riffs. The next two tracks “No Man’s Land” as well as “Behind The Mirror” are a credit to neoprog without neglecting complicated rhythm lines and catchy refrains. With “Heavenly Visions” we enter a new unprecedented sphere of our musical creation. A progressive firework and a real challenge."

Conclusion: TNNE has reinvented itself once again and recorded an exceptional album.

01 The Net
02 Dreaming Awake
03 No Man's Land
04 Behind The Mirror
05 Heavenly Visions
06 Harvest