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Tobias Ebert - None EP (CD)


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Tobias Ebert is the name of the singer/songwriter, he lives in Berlin. We'll find out where exactly. Just listen to “Keiner”, the title track of this debut EP. It's about the unknown who always walks along through life. Just about the one who gives his name to this collection of four songs. It's about "nobody". This is the one who seems to come very close to the singing I and is just as often able to go far away. “Keiner” could be a song from Rio Reiser's solo years. A past of the political hides behind the very private, and the thoughtful-sensitive also appears in the form of a dynamic voice rebelling against something.
The private is in the foreground on these four songs. In "Wonderyear" Tobias Ebert even allows himself to get nostalgic, with flashbacks to leaps from the tenth at the outdoor pool and violins in the chorus. The scene: summer of love, romantic sun, meetings in the hiding places of lovers. It remains to be seen whether the "Wonder Year" has continued, but the hope for a happy ending outweighs it.
At least Tobias Ebert lives in Berlin today, in Pankow, where fox and rabbit say “good night”, no nonsense, neighbor and neighbor say “good day”. The accompanying song walks in over the drums, so the nightlife within the classic rock instrumentation. Between beginning and end, a swan song for everything big and exhausting. The celebration of the small, the quiet, face-to-face togetherness. In this milieu we can look for Tobias Ebert ourselves.
His songs sound as if he occupied houses in another life or at least smoked weed on unrenovated roof structures in Prenzlauer Berg. A few, many years ago, a few lifetimes ago. He accompanies himself on the piano and thus returns to the original instrument after Tobias Ebert had played the electric guitar in his younger years. Currently (or if possible again) Tobias Ebert is on the road as pianist for singer/songwriter colleague Florian Glässing. The little blonde is also on the stage, with solo performances at festivals for acoustic pop. And as tenor of the hkw choir, the soprano-alto-tenor-bass twinning of the Berlin House of World Cultures.
Tobias Ebert has been with us for a long time, since 2000. It seems like a record that he never wanted to release solo. Now it is time. With the song “Die Bruche” from this debut EP, produced by the already mentioned Florian Glässing, Ebert tells a story about growing up and being an adult, about the contentment that has been honed in the spectrum between pop youth and pop rebellion.
Ideally, then, that “Pankow” ends on a Hammond organ blubb; consequently on the organic whipped cream of rock instruments.
Christopher Brown

01 None
02 Wonderyear
03 The breaks
04 Pankow