Tommy Schneller Band - Arschkalte Art (MP3-Download) (6010448150681)

Tommy Schneller Band - Ass Cold Art (MP3 Download)

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In February 2016 the new album "Backbeat" by the Tommy Schneller Band will be released. Schneller supports the documentary film project “Newcomers” by Syrian refugees and artists Anis Hamdoun and Maan Mouslli with the preliminary single “Arschkalte Art”. The song pleads for more humanity and togetherness and denounces the egoism that runs through our society in an “ass-cold way”. The proceeds from the sale of the song flow 100 percent into the film project, which aims to educate people about the migration situation in Germany and take away fears. Fast label Timezone Records supports the campaign. “The song is predestined to support such an action and speaks to me from the bottom of my heart. I'm in a bad mood and angry when I see how fearful or even ignorant people portray the victims of the war as perpetrators or possible perpetrators, ”says Tommy Schneller. “The opportunity to stimulate thought with a film about the refugees and their situation in schools etc. fascinates and motivates me. I see a great opportunity and necessity here to achieve change and rethinking, ”the artist continues.

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