Tommy Schneller Band - Live In The City Of Peace (DVD + CD) (5871738421401)

Tommy Schneller Band - Live In The City Of Peace (DVD + CD)


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The Tommy Schneller Band is an absolute force live. With the DVD "Live in the City of Peace" the Osnabrückers bring their crisp mix of soul, blues, funk and rock with a picture into the living room.
Anyone who has only listened to the band on tinned food up until now will have a look around: Tommy's distinctive voice sounds a lot more scratchy and gritty than on the record, and the enthusiastic audience gives the band that extra portion of humor that is hard to get away from the stage . In spite of the maximum joy in playing, every note fits - everything comes out of the speakers as it was played in the Rosenhof. The songs from the strong current album "Backbeat" dominate the setlist, but selected pearls from the older releases should not be missing.

01 Trust In Yourself (live)
02 Cream Of The Crop (live)
03 Tipsy's (live)
04 backbeat (live)
05 Let the soul fly (live)
06 as cold as ass (live)
07 Love Is The Key (live)
08 I hear you thinking out loud (live)
09 Tryin 'To Let Go (live)
10 Barefootin '(live)
11 Higher And Higher (live)
12 The Sun Is Shining Again (live)