Torsten Stuckenholz - Moments In A Jar (CD) (5948066234521)

Torsten Stuckenholz - Moments In A Jar (CD)


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The singer/songwriter Torsten Stuckenholz impresses with his clear, soulful voice and his versatile guitar playing. He skilfully moves through different styles and delivers his audience a varied mix of pop and folk with occasional jazz and rap influences. The lyrics, which are all in English, deal with love and friendship, quarrels and loss, holding on and letting go, and invite the listener to sit back and be taken on a journey through emotions, from euphoria to anger to sadness, in which everyone feels somewhere can find himself. It can always get energetic and loud! By superimposing different guitar sounds, vocal tracks and beatbox, a rich, tape-like sound is created in no time with the help of a loop station.
On his debut album "Moments In A Jar", released by Timezone, the songs from Bielefeld are wrapped in a new guise through powerful arrangements. These range from a complete line-up and strings to guitar solos, bottleneck lines, spherical delays and rich power chords to soft nylon sounds, without losing focus on the core of the songs, the classic singer/songwriter music. Music that can be enjoyed both consciously and unconsciously in all registers.

01 Home
02 Catching Stars
03 Moments In A Year
04 Unspoken Words
05 Retaliate
06 Without You
07 Broken Promises
08 What Would You Say?
09 Bright
10 Nobody's Callin'
11Platform 1
12 Here For You Tonight