Travel In Space - Das Schlagzeug meiner Mutter (12" Vinyl-Album) (5871764897945)

Travel In Space - My Mother's Drums (12" vinyl album)


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Sebastian Weisser and Nicolai Höhler from Berlin and Dresden-City make noise like a five-piece lo-fi garage band. Or like the soul of a speeding vintage moped. Unrelentingly loving, they tear at guitars and demand tempos from their percussion far beyond urban speed limits. A mash-up of new wave, blues and psychedelic accompanies their snotty screaming.
Screw it mentality? Not at all. The two shine with the playfulness of an undisguised naive gaze. Travel In Space is the appreciation of the moment. The fox who is afraid of the city lights and the desire to fly south with the migratory birds.
The band stands for self-determination, not having to go to school and against the "green and mean" influence of the police.
The guys have been playing together since 2010 and come from punk. On their tours from Berlin to Madrid, one thing in particular should never be missing: the many small parts of the percussion set given by fans and friends.

1. Come and go
2. The Ladder
3.Where are you going?
4. Green and Mean
7. Moon
8. Get cigarettes
9. Go Wild
10. Birds
11. Ghosts
12. Get It Boy