trio Rosenrot - Es fiel ein Reif (CD) (5871765061785)

Trio Rosenrot - A frost fell (CD)

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Trio Rosenrot, the second. With the new CD release "Es Fell Ein Reif", the trio Rosenrot continues the concept of bringing German folk songs into the here and now.
The unusual interweaving of influences from world music, classical music and jazz creates disturbingly beautiful arrangements and expressive atmospheres that captivate the listener. You've never heard German folk tunes like this before. Touching music.

01 There sat a small wild bird
02 Once upon a time there were five wild swans
03 A frost fell in the spring night (blue flowers)
04 little sister, when are we going home?
05 Shlof main fegele
06 I don't know what it's supposed to mean (Lorelei)
07 Little bird flies to the nest