Tubeless Tom and the Coal Cats - Mono (CD) (5871808675993)

Tubeless Tom and the Coal Cats - Mono (CD)


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A dark evening in 2012, two ambitious musicians meet, Achim and Tom, they talk, talk shop - then, a guitar, three chords and Johnny Cash's "I walk the line". Later the decision is made - we found a band. In addition to the already occupied vocals and the guitar, the vacant position of the drums is quickly filled. Andrea, pianist, is forcibly recruited, staged appropriately and placed behind the drums. What is still missing is the support for the woofers. We finally find what we are looking for at a neighborhood birthday party, the double bass is occupied. As a youngster, Julius complements the Coal Cats. In 2012 fate takes its course in the form of the first appearance. After more than 100 concerts, thousands of kilometers driven, hundreds of fresh strings, several studio stays and more than 50 songs including original compositions, Tubeless Tom and the Coal Cats are one of the most enthusiastic bands east of the Memphis River. Whether it's the smallest pub, the festival with established rock 'n rollers or on big stages, Tubeless Tom and his Coal Cats know how to impress.

01 intro
02 Addicted to Rock'n'Roll
03 Burgers, beer and rock 'n' roll
04 The Playhouse
05 A lovers grief
06 Blue suede John
07 I could fall
08 All alone
09 Get Lost