Two Hearts In Ten Bands - Revolutionary Heart (CD) (5871727607961)

Two Hearts In Ten Bands - Revolutionary Heart (CD)


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The twin sisters Sarah and Sina Steinbrecher embark on a journey and tell of a life they have lived in two strong and haunting voices. They sing with extraordinary, two-part vocals and as lyricists are the emotional core of the band.
On board they have a charismatic and experienced band, which turns the sisters' rousing rock songs with pop appeal into great hymns of hope. The catchy tunes that the ship brings from Osnabrück to cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich are as quick-tempered but also as calm as the sea. What is the motto of Two Hearts In Ten Bands? heart music! Here you can switch off your head and listen to songs that make the sun rise. In January 2016 the first CD "Revolutionary Heart" will be released. Twelve songs that take you on a journey. come on board

01 Not sure
02 Revolutionary Heart
03 Compromise
04 Green Mile
05 Ocean
06 My Record
07 Dark In Flames
08 Give In Give Up
09 Gratitude
10 For So Long
11 Surrender
12 Again