Two Hearts In Ten Bands - Soulsisters (CD) (5871762178201)

Two Hearts In Ten Bands - Soulsisters (CD)


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The focus of "Two Hearts In Ten Bands" are two unique and strong voices that are particularly convincing in combination. The sisters Sina and Sarah were still on the road with the band until 2016 and released the album "Revoltionary Heart". In 2017, the two reflect on their origins and release a purely acoustic album in October 2017.
The talented duo lends their ten pieces a minimalist costume on guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion or harmonica that simply fits.
The sisters can look back on over 500 concerts all over Europe. With passion, charisma and warmth, they take the listener on a stormy emotional journey. Their sound is reminiscent of bands and artists like the Indigo Girls, Boy, SIA, Birdy or Damien Rice.

“Two sisters, two voices, lots of stories, lots of variety and a journey we can all take with us. (...) Sarah and Sina Steinbrecher convince with their powerful and powerful voices, which sometimes establish the wild directness of a Sinead O'Connor and sometimes the gentleness of a Kate Bush while remaining true to themselves." - Bluesprint fanzine 2016

01 Drive You Home
02 Believes
03 Lionheart
04 Symmetric Trees
05 Slow Decay
06 Heavy Stones
07 Gray Cats
08 Set You Alight
09 Strawberry Fields
10 singing birds