U.M.O.N. feat. Jürgen Hörig - Out Comes (CD) (5871738224793)

UMON feat. Jürgen Hörig - Out Comes (CD)


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In the end, what counts is what comes out – outcomes: results. 12 extraordinary songs - 12 stories about life, love, missing, family, luck and the bad curves that fate has in store for everyone. Packed in a sound that catches your ear: modern and clear - melodic and diverse. This is how the debut album by UMON feat. Juergen Hoerig. The Stuttgart singer and TV presenter Jürgen Hörig is behind the project name UMON. And because it was clear to Hörig from the start that it would be an English-language album, the right name for it had to be found: no stage name, more of a slogan, a catchy catchphrase. Four letters that express what Hörig does: he sings under his own name: Under My Own Name – just UMON

01 Out Comes
02 Used Love
03 Family affairs
04 I Will Touch You
05 Years (The Mirror)
06 Brand New Song
07 Vanity
08 You Fill Up My Heart
09 Hey Life
10 By The Sea
11 At The Harbour
12 Used Love (Space Solo Remix)