ulf hartmann - schokolade (CD) (5871680028825)

Ulf Hartmann - Chocolate (CD)


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Songs for lovers, songs for the betrayed, for the passionate, for losers, for winners and for drinkers. Ulf Hartmann doesn't fit into the typical John Wayne cliché – he's very refreshingly different. And he makes cool songs, with rough edges. And with plenty of room for feelings, the main thing is that you have them. Whether in love, crazy, cheated, intoxicated, sprinkled or just like that.
Ulf Hartman. One man, one guitar. Touch of music and a voice that moves.

01 California on your mind
02 Palaver
03 flowers on the edge
04 way!
05 park bench
06 glass house
07 holes
08 On the trail
09 Because it's better
10 side note
11 Sushi in Manhattan
12 chocolate
13 Olsen Gang