Ulf Manú Quartett - Violett (CD) (5871695364249)

Ulf Manú Quartet - Violet (CD)

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music touches! It can create feelings in us, but also associations such as images, stories or even colors. The Russian pianist and composer Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin, for example, traced the color phenomenon in his music by assigning certain colors to tones, tones or chords and making them an integral part of his compositional style.
For the title of their debut CD “Violet”, the Ulf Manú Quartet has chosen a color that is seen as an expression of spirituality, mysticism and the mysterious. Ulf Manú is a seeker - not only for the higher connections of human existence, but also for ever new forms of musical expression. The classically trained guitarist has found his very own style through the fusion of the most diverse musical genres.
Just as contrasting shades of color are fused with cold blue and warm red in the color violet, so Ulf Manú and his congenial fellow musicians form an exciting new cosmos of sound from supposed opposites. The quartet, with its unusual line-up of recorder, guitar, bass and percussion, manages to effortlessly combine medieval dance music, gypsy swing, jazz or world music sounds and take the listener on an associative sound journey beyond the horizon.

01 To Dro
02 Dever the Dancer
03 And again the moon
04 purple
05 Hanter Dro
06 Catch Me
07 Into the vastness
08 The Old Fairy Dance
09 A Hungarian in LA
10 Seven Steps to Spring
11 For the Great
12 country dance
13 evening mood