Ulli Bögershausen - Lullabys – Schlaflieder (CD) (5871696642201)

Ulli Bögershausen - Lullabys/Lullabies (CD)


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Styles come and go, but good music weaves its timeless magic no matter what's in fashion. Ulli Bögershausen is a guitar magician who has mastered a very special art: he can make time stand still. And while the moment lingers, he paints pictures on the souls of his listeners - unobtrusive but unforgettable; glowing vignettes of the serenity of a late summer day, in which gentle melancholy mixes wonderfully with southern joie de vivre.
After 25 years of performing and recording, the well-travelled guitarist has stacks of raving concert reviews from newspapers and magazines between Los Angeles, Seoul and Beijing. He has captivated audiences on small and large stages and in the concert halls of Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. His playing has been described as "breathtaking in its tightly woven harmonies and impeccable timing", his concerts struck observers as "fairytale-like", his albums like paragons of "sensitive string magic" in "21st century guitar music".
Millions of clicks on YouTube have made Ulli Bögershausen popular around the world. His compositions and arrangements are played by many guitarists all over the world. "It Could Have Been" is well on its way to becoming a timeless classic.

01 The moon has risen
02 It is evening again
03 Au clair de la lune
04 Do you know how many little stars there are?
05 Bayushki Baju
06 Puppy's Lullaby
07 The little flowers, they are sleeping
08 Good moon, you go so quiet
09 Toutouig
10 Good evening, good night
11 Sleep, sleep, dear sweet boy
12 The Cradle Song
13 Sleep, my little prince, go to sleep
14 Sleep Well Little Darling
15 Lullaby in G