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Ulrich - Alive (CD)


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One guitar, one voice, one guy. Ready to conquer the world. With German language songs from the dunes. Frontman Steffen-Ulrich Schöps has been on the road under the name Ulrich since 2017. “I have three brothers, all of whom have double names. My parents must have thought it would be unfair not to give me one. Even if, in my opinion, they could have chosen a more up-to-date one..." But before one hides the inner educated citizen, Ulrich puts it on a silver platter and without further ado gives the name to his musical project. His music sounds emotional, virtuoso and somehow hopeful. "Extremely emotional even," says the frontman with a wink. “I want to take people with me, tell them my stories. They should go home in a good mood and maybe a little thoughtful.” Ulrich's songs are created highly intuitively. Mostly in Denmark. "I go there twice a year and get inspired by the open fire and the dunes."
Inspired by John Mayer, Tommy Emmanuel and Gregor Meyle, the 27-year-old writes songs about what is important (to him): new and old love ("Where you want", "Pilot"), crumbling relationships ("Inseparable"), Friendship and Memories ("Someday"). "Long-distance goals, as always, to become extremely rich with the resulting world domination." That probably means that Ulrich is to be reckoned with. Good news.

01 99
02 Perfection
03 Alive
04 Wherever you want
05 I find you
06 Caroline from the sea
07 fantasy
08 Eventually
09 pilot
10 Behind Your Visor
11 Windward and leeward
12 Inseparable