Under Violet Skies - Colors of Chaos (CD) (5871785279641)

Under Violet Skies - Colors of Chaos (CD)


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The journey begins around 2012, when the band members, who are equally rooted in Vienna, Graz and Imst, launched the trio Under Violet Skies.
Since then, the Austrians have been sonicating the country beyond the mountains and borders with rich guitar riffs from the hands of Alex, who sets the hard direction with his epochal guitar sound. These sounds are supported by bass man Josef, who brings the appropriate depth to the songs.
Marina finally mixes up the heavy metal style with her tender voice and meets the tastes far beyond the borders of the genre
Metallers out in perfection! In addition, she - who successfully completed her drum studies in the USA - not only hits hard drums, but also soft piano tones if necessary.
With his new album "Colors of Chaos" interprets the unusual
Dreigestirn already in the album title the diversity of his music - without that
to be unfaithful to one's own style: an unusual mixture of driving riffs,
hard drums and a soft core. The recognition value at first
Sound is guaranteed!

01 The Killers
02 Battle
03 Colors Of Chaos
04 Your Bitter Button
05 Lonely Road
06 Bad Vampires
07 Brilliant Red
08 covers
09 The Ocean That You Cried
10 Lost Inside Me
11 I Fall Apart
12 Won't Let Go