Universal Rhythm Blasters At Work - Windfire (CD) (5871690252441)

Universal Rhythm Blasters At Work - Windfire (CD)


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What do Tom Waits, Aphex Twin, Tinariwen and Portishead have in common? They are all trace elemental sources of inspiration for Georg Edlinger's Universal Rhythm Blasters at Work - "Windfire". The new CD is a perfect mix of eclecticism and authenticity. A new form of sophisticated mainstream. It's a powerful statement from a versatile, great artist! This music has groove, swing and creates atmospheric images of overwhelming plasticity and is highly recommended as an aid to getting up in the morning or as a chill out.

01 Sailor
02 African steps
03 Fall Light
04 TurningMotion
05 Space Fly
06 Sky Trip
07 crash down
08 Return Move
09 rotating
10 Eastside
11 Windfire