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Unplaces - Live! (CD)


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Unplaces live!, as the name of the album suggests, is the new disc from Unplaces - an album with the live hits of the past releases and years.
The songs not only represent the previous records "Changes" (2018), Ambition (2016) and Time (2014), but also reflect the musical spectrum of Unplaces. From rock numbers to melancholic songs to danceable hits. Of the same kind, “Time”, which the band actually had on their setlist at all their concerts, is also a crowd pleaser!
It is a recording of the concert on February 9th, 2019 from the flashbacks of their hometown Bochum, which was refined with additional recordings in the Wellencocktail recording studio in Hanover. The band's joy of playing is acoustically tangible, paired with their enthusiastic audience, a beautiful, emotional album came out of it, which is not only an enrichment for fans, but also a great start for new discoverers of the band due to the song selection. A consequent enrichment of UNPLACES discography, which makes the inspiring and stirring atmosphere of their concerts clear.
Accompanying the album release, UNPLACES can be experienced live until the end of the year and beyond and of course they have the released live songs with them.

01 standing still
02 Friendship
03 changes
04 Escape
05 Fly
06 Self Deception
07 Nothing More To Say
08 Utopian Dream
09 memories
10 Marching
12 Reset
13 times