Van Deyk - Happy People (CD) (5871746646169)

Van Deyk - Happy People (CD)


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In the beginning there was the “less is more”. After trying it out in groups of five or four, the young Hamburg band Van Deyk eventually grew into a trio - and they're very happy with it. Name givers Dominic Van Deyk, Robert Holstein and Mathias Blass write their music together, each play different instruments - sometimes simultaneously - and like to sing in three parts.
The band has now collected five songs on their first EP "Happy People" and they do two things at the same time: alert and in a good mood. Nicely arranged, but not subject to any concept. Often cheerful without ever getting superficial and peppered with melodies that you just can't get out of your head because you want to keep them right there. The charm and lightness of the music is reminiscent of the sound of Phoenix or Jason Mraz, the exuberance of the performance is sometimes reminiscent of The Lumineers, while the emotional depth of the songwriting refers to role models like Coldplay.
In the end, Van Deyk sound about as perfectly imperfect after experiences, passion and the friendship of three musicians as the casting show viewers hope so desperately and in vain. But good pop has never been the work of make-up artists, couturiers and cynics. But, no matter how simple it may sound: passionate musicians. And that will never change.

01 Feeling fine
02 The Northern Tree
03 happy people
04 JoAnn
05 Swing By Your House