Various Artist - Dallmayr Coffee And Chill Music Vol. 4 (CD) (5964927467673)

Various Artists – Dallmayr Coffee And Chill Music Vol. 4 (CD)


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Like the aroma of a good espresso, the sound of Coffee & Chill Vol. 4 lingers pleasantly for a long time. For the 12 tracks, different artists did their best to turn the feeling of coffee into music.

01 More Than Ever People (feat. Cathy Battistessa) [2011 Revisited - Radio Edit]
02 Tonight (feat. Asheni)
03 Jazzy Street
04 Left Without a Kiss (feat. Nightzone)
05 Villa Margot
06 MyNight
07 ove Finds You (feat. Martine) [Ibiza Lounge Mix]
08 a danse (Florito Mix)
09 Smooth
10 Enjoy Your Life (feat. Liz June) [Cafe Del Mar Edit]
11 One Language
12 clouds