Various Artists - A Tribute To Jane (All My Friends) (CD) (5948064006297)

Various Artists - A Tribute To Jane (All My Friends) (CD)


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It began in Hanover in 1970, where other successful German groups such as Eloy and the Scorpions were also formed around the same time. Five young musicians met in a disused bread factory in the Bothfeld district, which was used by many of the city's bands as a practice room. Everyone was dissatisfied with the instrument they played. So the instruments were swapped: the singer went on drums, the saxophonist on the organ, the first bassist became a singer, the second swapped with the guitarist and vice versa. Lo and behold, it fitted. They decided to stay together and christened the band Jane. A success story took its course ... (Manfred Saler)

01 Your circle
02 expectations
03 Waiting for the sunshine
04 Hangman
05 daytime
06 I'm so down
07 Just so in love
08 Beautiful lady
09 way to paradise
10 Silence
11 So long
12 The voice of reason
13 covers "Der Chef": Bambule Rock (Data Track)