Various Artists - Aufgelegt. Hütte Rockt 9 (CD) (5948065120409)

Various Artists - Hang up. Hütte Rockt 9 (CD)


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On August 11, 2006, the association “Die Hütte rockt eV” was founded by Marius and Jan Kleinheider. As a registered, non-profit association, the focus is on promoting culture by supporting a wide variety of music projects in and around Georgsmarienhütte. The main goal of the association is to hold a rock festival in Georgsmarienhütte once a year. With the compilation “Auflege. Hütte Rockt 9" for the 2015 edition of the rocking festival just outside Osnabrück, the honorable association of rock enthusiasts is breaking new ground. It was possible to get almost all the bands of this year's festival on this sampler. From JBO to The Intersphere, from Knallfrosch Elektro to the legendary Frog Bog can band: there's a lot to like about the TWELVE...

01 Hungry for a beer
02 Limbus
03 streets from recently
04 hops
05 Tel Aviv
06 I Guess I Was Wrong
07 Four fingers for a hallelujah
08 Good old, new times
09 standstill
10 Forsake
11 Drunk On Revolution
12 Snakeshit
13 Madame Tristesse
14 Relations In The Unseen
15 Like me