Various Artists - Aufgelegt. Osnabrück (2CD) (5964927336601)

Various Artists - Hang up. Osnabrueck (2CD)


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This album is the product of a successful and great collaboration: The Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (NOZ Medien) and the Osnabrück music label Timezone had the idea of ​​releasing this double CD.
Those who came up with the ideas were aware that Osnabrück and the region were full of musical gems from the genres of pop, rock, blues and soul. But the fact that more than 80 bands and solo artists submitted their songs to get one of the 18 slots available to them - that was impressive! They all wanted to find their way onto this double CD alongside established acts such as Therapiezentrum, Joga Club or Tommy Schneller. A reader voting that was exciting up to the last minute resulted in the musical result that can be heard on this double CD.
Have fun listening!

disc 01
01 Blues Company – The blues were good to me
02 Tommy Schneller – Cleaning lady blues
03 The Kai Strauss Band – Just the man I am
04 Michael Witte & Band – The presence of silence
05 Yoga Club - Sad Clown
06 Steam engine – Ballerburg
07 LaminiusX – More light
08 Nezzer – Control (Remix)
09 WeForWho – people
10 Rozencrantz—Cinderella
11 Summery Mind—For Stella
12 Therapy center – no promises
13 Kneeless Moose—In The Rain
14 Joseph Myers—Behind The Clouds
15 Ombre Di Luci - Ladri sfigati
16 Hunter & Hypius + Reinforcements - In the night
17 Andreas Müller – Friend of mine
18 C'est Lena! – splitter

disc 02
01 Mr. Svenson singing love songs - drunk
02 Mollmäuse & Friends – Rainbow
03 Open window – street from the other day
04 Hybridz – Own way
05 Werki & The Good IntenJoy and sunshine
06 Splinter fiber - crash test
07 Machnik & Friends – Whatever may come
08 Coffee Clash—Substance
09 C.Our.Age – Just what you say
10 Happy Children - Go your own way
11 Aceless—Princess
12 Lost Memories of Childhood - Ready to rock
13 Reineke Fuchs – No part of you
14 AGI—Turn it up
15 Bogs - Icarus
16 WieNuel – I would love to be you
17 Udo Klose encourages – love makes you happy
18 Purid—Fashion Puppet