Various Artists - Electric Blues Mates (CD) (6016110723225)

Various Artists - Electric Blues Mates (CD)


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This album is not just another compilation of greatest hits or forgotten gold from the vault. It is a life sign of brilliant musicians in times when the ultimate contact from artist to audience is not possible, the live shows in packed houses. It is an up-to-date statement of the bands performances since it contains almost completely brand new recordings that have never been published before. It is an example of friendship between artists since every band plays a song of an agency mate's catalog and all teamed up for the two all star tracks. And it is the attempt of a promoter to keep the wheel turning and to have some fun in boring times by working with friends who are not able to appear in person.

01 EBB Allstars - Ain't That I Don't Love You
02 Malone Sibun - Jealou's child
03 Reverend Rusty & The Case - Old Enough
04 Will Wilde - Hold On
05 The Danny Giles Band - Corazon Gitano!
06 Will Wilde - Low Down Dirty
07 Reverend Rusty & The Case - Come Together
08 Malone Sibun - Born For The Blues
09 The Danny Giles Band - Paranoia
10 JF Lauritsen & The Buckshot Hunters - Sweet On Me
11 EBB Allstars - The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game