Various Artists - Eurodance Club Vol. 1 (Back To Basic) (CD) (5871751102617)

Various Artists - Eurodance Club Vol. 1 (Back To Basic) (CD)


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On a total of 20 tracks, Volume 1 - Back 2 Basic impressively conveys the wide range and versatility of Eurodance. In addition to classic productions, you will also find high-quality songs on this CD that move in the areas of vocal trance, dance pop, club dance and dream dance. In addition, the respective producers and artists do not only come from Europe. 3H Records has searched the whole world for attractive music and even found it in Australia. A balanced mixture of established Eurodance superstars and previously (still) less well-known producer teams and dance acts provides additional variety, for whom compilation can become the springboard to the beginning of a sensational career. There is a lot of information in the CD booklet, which is designed with love for detail, where each artist is presented in detail in words and pictures. After all, all the tracks have been put on the CD in a cleverly thought-out order that makes you want to play them over and over again in their entirety, from start to finish, without the risk of you ever getting tired of listening to them. CD in, press play and have fun. The joy of music is just a button press away.

01 Disco
02 Sexy Boy (SEXappeal Radio Edit)
03 Try To Find
04 Tonight
05 New Day
06 Another Night 2k17 (Experience Of Music Re-Edit)
07 Alex Needs A Lover (Radio Edit)
08 Turn It Up N Burn It Down
09 Stay The Night (Nightlife Mix)
10 The Sun Always Shines On TV (2K17 Mix)
11 I Can Reach Nobody (Radio Edit)
12 Children Of The Night
13 If You Say It Again (Stormby Mix Edit)
14 In My Dreams (DreamDanceEdit 2017)
15 The Top