Various Artists - No Future war gestern! – Der Soundtrack (CD) (5871731998873)

Various Artists - No Future was yesterday! – The Soundtrack (CD)


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In August 2015, the movie "No Future was yesterday!" was shown in Hanover and the region. filmed with, among others, Fabian Harloff, Liza Tzschirner, Nils Brunkhorst and Marvin Linke. The film music was composed by Heiner Lürig (composer of many of Heinz Rudolf Kunze's hits) and the legendary Abfallenden Brieftauben contribute the title song. Also on the album is a duet by the actress Olivia Klemke and the band Überündig, the living space heroes around ex-Fury Christof Stein-Schneider (plays a music teacher in the film), as well as Sandra Peschke and Casey Shea.

01 No Future
02 The Indian festival
03 car crash
04 calm before the storm
05 Mr. Claus and the smiley
06 Supermarket Reggae
07 Miri's Boogie
08 The lion's den
09 Just get out of here
10 The punching bag
11 Wagner thinks
12 Draw The Line (Instrumental)
13 I'm Miri
14 All Night
15 At the gym
16 Bad Karma
17 The summons
18 kidnapping?
19 Heroes No 9
20 No Lovesong was yesterday
21 Hero of Strawberry Field
22 QuickChange
23 The package is on its way
24 Showdown
25 No Future Was Yesterday (Score Version)
26 No Future was yesterday