Various Artists - Osnabrücker Weihnachtsgeschichten - Wir brauchen einen Weihnachtsmann (CD) (5871725183129)

Various Artists - Osnabrück Christmas Stories - We need a Santa Claus (CD)


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The Christmas CD from Osnabrück! Candlelight and the scent of fir trees, the sound of the crackling fireplace and ... Christmas stories told by children and young people! The CD "We need a Santa Claus" is an original Osnabrück product with which you can sweeten the celebration for you and your loved ones and at the same time do something good. The stories on this CD are the work of students from three secondary schools in Osnabrück, who gave free rein to their creativity and wrote and recorded these stories, some of which were happy and others thought-provoking. 2.00 euros of your donation goes to EXIL eV, the Osnabrück association that has been providing advice and care for refugees for a long time. We wish you a wonderful Christmas time!

01 The boy with the red cap (Paula Viehl)
02 Snow And Winter (Shalin Illmer)
03 Why I stole a Santa Claus (Melanie Achtert, Nathalie Albrecht)
04 A Magical Christmas Story (Emma-Marie Niederstebruch)
05 The Christmas Village (Jael Tsitrin)
06 Christmas in Love (Ena Kaschel)
07 The Magic Dust (Anka Holz)
(08 The secret Santa Claus test (Vinzenz Illmer))