Various Artists - Wenn Fliegen träumen (12" Vinyl-Album) (5965375307929)

Various Artists - When Flies Dream (12" vinyl album)

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It's like a new Tarantino: you haven't seen the movie yet, but you should listen to the soundtrack! Because the songs from the German-Scandinavian comedy "If flies dream", the independent filmmakers Katharina Wackernagel and Jonas Grosch, have it all.
Led by originals by former Mardi Gras.BB mastermind Doc Wenz, the compilation playfully weaves together tracks from "Ray Collins' Hot-Club", "Ali Gator & His Real Hot Reptile Rockers" and "Bukahara". A wild mix that gives an idea of ​​what the bizarre road movie has to offer in summer 2019. The whole thing is rounded off with a Croatian western soul number from "Ivana Rushaidat & ROCKET" - any questions?

1 Buchahara-Durak
2 Ali Gator & His Real Hot Reptile Rockers - Bron Deep Down In The Country
3 Jochen Wenz - My Heart Flies Back To You
4 Ivana Rushaidat & Rocket - Ne Dam Te
5 Ali Gator & His Real Hot Reptile Rockers - So Good So Bad
6 Slowdog - Fluffy Beach Theme
7 Buchahara-Suomi

1 Ray Collins' Hot Club - Strange
2 Ali Gator & His Real Hot Reptile Rockers - Motorcycle Bound
3 Ray Collins' Hot Club - Martini
4 Ali Gator & His Real Hot Reptile Rockers - Lost On B33
5 Ray Collins' Hot Club - Crash 16
6 Bukahara-A Child's Tale
7 Jochen Wenz - If I Could Be With You