Vera Hahn - Reiß die Himmel auf! Kirchenlieder als Chansons (CD) (5871726198937)

Vera Hahn - Tear open the heavens! Hymns as Chansons (CD)


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Well-known hymns by Paul Gerhardt and his contemporaries from the seventeenth century sound freshly arranged and newly sung. The chanson singer Vera Hahn embarks on a musical exploration of that still touching depth of faith - honest, full of character and beautiful.

01 Who only lets God rule
02 If God is for me, step
03 A ship comes loaded
04 My most beautiful ornament
05 I stand by your cribs here
06 Go out, my heart, and seek joy
07 You command your ways
08 How should I receive you
09 O Savior, open open the heavens
10 With earnest, O children of men
11 Oh come thou spirit of truth
12 Spread out the wings both
13 You sing my soul