Vicente Patíz - Tierra (CD) (5871695659161)

Vicente Patíz - Tierra (CD)


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Vicente Patíz is a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and entertainer all rolled into one. He travels the world on concert tours when he's not on adventure trips to Laos, for example, or producing a new CD. He provides interesting inspiration with funny activities such as a world record in the Guinness Book of eight concerts in eight different European countries within 24 hours. In order to realize his own sound language, Patíz has developed very special instruments, such as a 42-string Tierra Guitar with three differently tuned guitar necks and additional harp strings or didgeridoos and fujara flutes. In the now eighth album "Tierra" the artist played all of the more than 20 different instruments himself, creating a very illustrative cosmos of sound that goes around the world.

Magicians of rapid, enchanting compositions that sound like southern sun, rushing sea and far away. (Baltic Sea newspaper Stralsund 2013)
His music expressed pure joie de vivre. (Brunswick Newspaper 2012)