Vicente Patíz - Vive el momento (CD) (5871680585881)

Vicente Patíz - Vive el momento (CD)


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Vicente Patíz's concerts are described by the press as "wellness for the soul", he is described as a "master of mental cinema" or called the "guitar magician".
The solo artist has already demonstrated his extraordinary ability at more than 1300 concerts in Germany and abroad and enjoys a constantly growing fan base. Patíz has won numerous awards and prizes with his music. In 2010 he set a spectacular world record with eight concerts in eight European countries in twenty-four hours, making him the fastest guitarist in the world in this category. In his programs, elements of jazz, funk and flamenco merge into a breathtaking mix of melody and emotion . In addition, Vicente Patíz expands the range of his soundscapes with skillful percussion parts and exotic instruments such as the didgeridoo.

01 Here I'am
02 Luna
03 San Vincenzo
04 Aloha
05 One Night in May
06 Children's Song
07 Vive el Momento
08 Fly
09 Sweet Dreams
10 Watersong