Vincent Bella - The Dark Side Pulling At Us (CD) (5871778300057)

Vincent Bella - The Dark Side Pulling At Us (CD)


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Vincent is originally from Nottingham, England. But he has already lived and performed in numerous other places in Europe. He recorded his debut album “The Dark Side Pulling At Us” in Berlin, where he lived at the time. He then moved on to North Rhine-Westphalia, where he now lives and continues to fine-tune his musical work.
"The Dar Side Pulling At Us" combines a number of radio-ready pop-rock songs with a few more unusual, offbeat songs that draw on various elements of folk, jazz, blues and classical music.
Vincent has chosen his ten favorites from his large repertoire, from which he can draw as a productive songwriter, and recorded them with some brilliant studio musicians in the Legato Studio in Berlin. Now he is happy that his debut will soon see the light of day and hopes that listeners can identify with his concept - darkness and light fight for us humans, an inner and outer battle.
The album's artwork was done with the help of Hungarian maestro Laszlo Lakner, and a guest appearance by Ukrainian pianist Lubomyr Melnyk can be heard on the track "I Collect Female Hearts". The new single "Coma (Aurora)" will be released soon.

1. Coma (Aurora)
2. The Loud City Song
3. Birdcage
4. Foxes And Wolves
5. In The Forest (Unraveling)
6. Bodies
7. Somewhere Out There Is You
8. To the end of the earth
9. I Collect Female Hearts (feat. Lubomyr Melnyk)
10. The Pollen Of War