Volkwin Müller - Die frühen Jahre (CD) (5871700770969)

Volkwin Müller - The early years (CD)


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Volkwin has been on stage for over 30 years. For him, it is time to take stock and look at what has been achieved so far. With the CD "The early years" he presents a colorful overview of his songs from his band years since the beginning of the 90s. For him, the pieces represent a musical diary from his earlier creative period - before his solo years - and have a very personal meaning for him. The songs are about the circus of emotions that normal life offers. Some of the songs are in English, some in German. Three pieces are purely instrumental titles. With this re-release, Volkwin wants to make the forgotten songs accessible to today's audience. The 19 titles - including the previously unreleased instrumental track "In vivo guitar" - have all been remastered and appear for the first time in this compilation on one CD. The portrait of Volkwin created especially for this CD was created by the painter Hardy C. Lugerth from Celle. The release is rounded off by a lovingly designed digipack gatefold cover with an extensive booklet and detailed explanations on the creation of the individual songs.

01 Love Burns Down
02 Life Could Be So Easy
03 Another Way
04 Searching For Something
05 The worry
06 That you are not there
07 I miss you
08 Sara
09 A song for you
10 I'll give you the tip