Volkwin Müller - Signale (CD) (5871685107865)

Volkwin Müller - Signals (CD)


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The songs are excursions in serious singer/songwriter tradition with a touch of James Taylor and Sting. The music is always the landscape for the individual songs, which in turn represent individual, secret places. The music of Volkwin Müller & Co. is influenced by rock/pop, traditional folk music and jazz. In the lyrics, people and of course life itself are the sources of inspiration.
In addition to the 14 explosive, groovy and also sensual songs, the cover artwork deserves special mention. The graphic artist, musician and two-time Grammy winner Klaus Voormann, who is recognized worldwide in professional circles, created the front cover exclusively for Volkwin Müller. Parallel to the CD, the cover will be published as a limited edition art print, also by Mehr Musikverlag. The art print is signed and numbered by Klaus Voormann.

01 Yesterday's snow
02 I am a clown
03 Germany
04 Lehmann
05 My day
06 More together than apart
07 For you
08 The dream
09 cab
10 Like a star
11 A song for the sun
12 Believe in me
13 Was that all
14 Your signals