Volver - Zwischen Dingen, die Angst machen (CD) (5871709126809)

Volver - Between Things That Frighten (CD)


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We wanted to go back and didn't arrive. Volver are on their journey through life - looking for life questions that have been moving them ever since. Deep within a dense, melancholic network of hurt longings and a dark past, however, Volver can always see a spark.
Making the known new, making the old known, or making the new past, that's the way that Volver unite in their music. Volver's search goes on, on and on, one hundred percent. David Heinecke, who was already on the road with the band "milch Kaffeezumfrühstück" with celebrities from the music industry such as Sportfreunde Stiller, The Inchtabokatables, Belasco, Nova International and Cucumber Men, has formed a new band and is finally releasing the first album with his band Volver. The album was produced by Steffen Ritter, who has already worked with Northern Lite, Konstantin Wecker and Casper.
The new album "Between things that make you afraid" consistently reflects Volver's search for a new past and is their first long-player. The listener can accompany Volver's journey in eleven songs.

01 Souvenir I
02 Still
03 Embers & Intoxication
04 New life
05 The last rain
06 About you
07 awakening
08 morning light
09 What You See V
10 Like millions of others
11 White Light
12 Souvenirs II