WAS NUN - Labyrinth (CD)

WHAT NOW - Labyrinth (CD)


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Curtain up, the music begins! If you had to describe the debut album "Labyrinth" by the Hanoverian band Was Nun in one word, it would be compact. It's hard to believe that there are actually only six musicians in the group, because the concentrated cohesive power and the phenomenal volume of the group are more like a big band than a sextet. The reason is quite simply that all six members have had experience in larger formations and have the big band feeling in their blood. Listening to each other and communicating accordingly is part of their DNA. The six youngsters know their strengths and build on them. And it is precisely this almost incomparable compactness in the sound that saxophonist Moritz Aring describes as the trademark of the group.
Was Nun is an event, a spectacle, a thing with hand and foot, straightforward and yet demanding, meticulously planned and yet completely open-ended in its effect. The six guys stand with all twelve feet in the here and now, and yet they make no secret of their close connection to tradition. The band name refers to a bar in Hanover where the six friends used to hang out together. There is no question mark behind the logo. It's more of a defiant exclamation, an announcement where the emphasis is on the first word, not the second. Authenticity and passion are the be-all and end-all.

01 The Road Ahead
02 Dream Patches
03 Maze
04 Home
05 fable
06 theorem
07 Unterluess
08 Mayak