Weak Willies - Anti-Asshole Squad (CD)

Weak Willies - Anti Asshole Squad (CD)


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Anyone who has seen the Bayreuth trio Weak Willies live knows the unbelievably rousing power that emanates from their legendary performances. They were already on stage when the German flagship label Glitterhouse Records caused a stir among fans and the media internationally with Sixties Rock/Garage Punk and cooperations with Sub Pop and Amphetamine Reptile. Mudhoney, Helmet, Monster Magnet or Mother Tongue, the list of influences could be extended beyond the post-grunge era.
Singer/guitarist Peter Wtritt, bassist/singer Andreas Hoffmann and drummer/singer Ralf Irmler have remained rock 'n' roll junkies to this day, letting their congenial gaze wander to alternative country rock. So it's not surprising that the three Franconians don't need to shy away from comparisons with Anglo-American role models from The Stooges and Ramones to the Foo Fighters and European colleagues like The Hives.
The Weak Willies haven't released anything for a long time. Now they return with the long awaited album Anti-Asshole Squad. As soon as we hear it, we notice how much we missed them and with a total of 17 titles they live up to the motto "Everything in the name of rock 'n' roll". The Weak Willies have stayed true to themselves without treading water. With "Anti-Asshole Squad" they have 100% managed to bring the raw spirit of their encyclopaedic knowledge of music back to CD.

01 Captain Of The Anti Asshole Squad
02 Roll The Dice
03 Mellow Knees
04 Blackbird Sings
05 All The Best
06 Dreadful Times
07 Colorado Trail
08 Moderate
09 Any Other Questions?
10 Oh Brian
11 Hearts On Fire
12 Crippled Minds
13 Conquerors And Slaves
14 Under Suspicion
15 class of 1970
16 Some action
17 This Is Rock'n'Roll