Werner Nadolny - Jane And Beyond 1 (CD) (5948065906841)

Werner Nadolny - Jane And Beyond 1 (CD)


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On April 3, 2017, Krautrock veteran and jane co-founder Werner Nadolny celebrated his 70th birthday. On this occasion, the birthday album "jane & beyond 1" is released and presents previously unreleased versions of jane songs as well as new songs.

1. Werner about the CD [0:12]
(T Werner Nadolny)
2. The third era (Intro) [0:57]
(M/D Werner Nadolny)
3. At this minute [4:34]
(M/D Werner Nadolny)
4. Beautiful Lady [4:29]
(M/D Werner Nadolny)
5. Fall in Love [3:51]
(M/D Werner Nadolny)
6. I believe [4:35]
(M Maucher, Nadolny, Panka, Walz T Panka, Graterol-Cabrera)