Werner Nadolny - jane & beyond 2 (CD) (5871795208345)

Werner Nadolny - jane & beyond 2 (CD)


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On the occasion of his 72nd birthday Werner Nadolny releases the second CD in his Jane & Beyond series. The CD comprises a total of eleven titles and once again offers a cross-section of Nadolny's musical work. Geff Harrison has re-sung three old Jane songs exclusively for this CD. The album also features three Jane tracks reworked by Doctor Bogarth, as well as four live recordings with Downtown Blues Club's Jutta Weinhold not previously available on CD.

01 intro
02 I Need You
03 How To Do It Right
04 I'm So Down
05 daytime
06 Back Again
07 Hangman
08 Fairy Priest (live)
09 Point Of Return (live)
10 Wounded Pioneer (live)
11 Hangman (live)