Werner Nadolny’s Jane - The Anniversary Show (Live In Concert) (CD) (5948063907993)

Werner Nadolny's Jane - The Anniversary Show (Live In Concert) (CD)


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Werner Nadolny's JANE present melodic rock with a touch of romance and a spherical Pink Floyd feeling. Nadolny and his band, which consists exclusively of well-known musicians, always succeed in letting the original, unique Jane sound live on and thus transporting this indescribable spirit of JANE music directly to the fans.
Nadolny's outstanding compositions combined with his keyboard playing form the foundation of Werner Nadolny's Jane live show, which includes all of Jane's original elements and well-known classics, as well as the latest songs. Nadolny and his band can all look back on extensive live experience and guarantee a fresh, powerful and modern sound through their authenticity and enthusiasm.
Jutta Weinhold was a special guest on the song "Tribute".

01. True Romance
02. Daytime
03. Fire, Water, Earth & Air
04. Out in the Rain
05. Windows/Spain/Love Your Life
06. Circle of Hands
07. Back Again
08. Tributes