Werner Nadolny’s Jane - … And In The Darkest Night (CD) (5871787376793)

Werner Nadolny's Jane - … And In The Darkest Night (CD)


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It is the annual highlight for many fans of Werner Nadolny's Jane when the band plays on the floating open-air stage on the Steinhuder Meer in summer. The CD offers a colorful cross-section of the program that the band played in summer 2018. Despite the stormy and rainy weather, there was a terrific atmosphere that the CD captures well.

01 Intro / true romance
02 All my friends
03 Lady
04 Love me - or leave me
05 Borrowed time
06 heartbeat
07 Another day - another way
08 Morgan le fay
09 Angel of death
10 Out in the rain
11 The last time
12 Hangman