Werner Nadolnys Jane - Eternity 2.0 (inkl. 2 Bonus Tracks) (CD) (5871767650457)

Werner Nadolny's Jane - Eternity 2.0 (incl. 2 bonus tracks) (CD)


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Werner Nadolny's Jane re-release 2011 album Eternity. The CD contains the versions of "The one outside" and "Inside of you" sung by Torsten Ilg for the first time. Also, the band has listened to the many comments from fans who have wished the tracks on Tryptich 1-3 to be individually selected, as well as the radio edits, bringing the record now to a total of 13 tracks.
Krautrock at it's best!

01 Beauty (Tryptich I)
02 Prosperity (Tryptich II)
03 Media (Tryptich III)
04 Circle Of Hands
05 Borrowed Time
06 Space Waters
07 Roses On The Floor
08 A Little Big While
09 Inside Of You
10 The One Outside
11 Roses On The Floor
12 Borrowed Time (Radio Edit)
13 Media (Radio Edit)