Werner Nadolnys Jane - Golden Jubilee Live (DVD) (5871830630553)

Werner Nadolny's Jane - Golden Jubilee Live (DVD)


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As is well known, our band info begins with the note that when Jane first appeared on December 5th, 1970, hardly anyone suspected that this formation would develop into one of the most successful rock acts in Germany. And it was even harder to foresee at the time that, of all things, exactly 50 years later, a dangerous virus would destroy by far the largest part of the band's anniversary celebrations.
In all likelihood, we will no longer be able to play club gigs in the epidemic year 2020. That's why we decided to offer our loyal fans live music at least on CD and DVD. The basis for this comes from the year 2013 from our performance at the Black Hand Inn in Gadenstedt, which was recorded in image and sound. Unfortunately, the material was afflicted with technical errors, which at the time led to the planned publication of the entire concert being stopped. Thanks to the professional help of our sound engineer Ossy Pfeiffer, we were now able to save at least part of the songs.
But the whole thing also gets an upgrade if you consider that it is one of the last concerts that Werner Nadolny was able to take part in a few months before he retired at the end of 2014 due to illness. Dete Klamann, who will leave the band at the end of 2020 for health and private reasons, can also be seen here in full action.
So this DVD is the last chance for the inclined Jane fan to experience the band again in this line-up.

1st lady
2. Love Me Or Leave Me
3. Day time
4. Borrowed Time
5. Out In The Rain
6. Windows / Spain / Love Your Life
7. I Believe
8. Hangman