Werner Nadolnys JANE - InBetween (CD) (5871725019289)

Werner Nadolny's JANE - InBetween (CD)


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The new Werner Nadolnys Jane album "Inbetween" contains a collection of rare recordings and is a wonderful addition to any Jane collection. The recordings were made in the context of the production "Proceed With Memories". Here we experience once more the singers Jutta Weinhold and Geff Harrison. The CD contains rare studio recordings as well as previously unreleased recordings. The current singer Torsten Ilg can also be heard on the album.

01 In Between
02 Change My Life
03 Hangman
04 I Found Love
05 Beautiful lady
06 Time Goes By
07 The One Outside
08 tributes
09 Roses On The Floor
10 So long