Werner Nadolnys Jane - Live In Concert (DVD) (5906922242201)

Werner Nadolny's Jane - Live In Concert (DVD)


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Live concert in Hamburg's Downtown Bluesclub - recorded on May 15th, 2010. When Jane first appeared in Hanover on December 5th, 1970 with the cast Peter Panka, Werner Nadolny, Charly Maucher and Klaus Hess, no one suspected that this formation would become one of the most successful rock acts in Germany. The debut album Together has been followed by a further 15 studio and 3 live albums, including Jane Live At Home that went gold. Jane is melodic rock with a touch of romance and a spherical Pink Floyd feeling.
The subtle feeling for rich arrangements, on which keyboards and guitars unfold freely, shaped a good deal of German rock history, especially the compositions by Ur-Jane and keyboarder Werner Nadolny. Over 2 million records sold and extensive tours throughout Europe and New Zealand testify to the great popularity of the band, which has also been enriched by various line-up changes in their musical diversity. Together with Peter Panka, the most important and influential member of Jane, Werner Nadolny not only founded the band, but also experienced all the highs and lows of the rock business together with him for decades.
Peter Panka and Werner Nadolny were and lived quite simply as Jane. After the death of his friend Peter Panka in 2007, Werner Nadolny decided to continue Jane in Peter Panka's spirit. Werner Nadolny and his newly formed band manage to let the unique Jane sound live on and thus transport this indescribable Jane spirit directly to the fans.
Nadolny's outstanding compositions combined with his keyboard playing form the foundation of Werner Nadolny's Jane live show, which lasts approx. 100 minutes and contains all the original elements and well-known Jane classics such as Hangman, Out In The Rain, Daytime to name a few . The musicians that Werner Nadolny chose for his band all look back on extensive live experience and guarantee a fresh, powerful and modern sound through their authenticity and enthusiasm. So there is the group Werner Nadolny's Jane with a cast specially selected for the Jane music (especially the highlights). reissue. The DVD-R is created in a small edition.

01 True Romance
02 All my friends
03 Lady
04 Space waters
05 Borrowed time
06 daytime
07 Fire, water, earth & air
08 Out in the rain
09 Windows / Spain / Love your life
10 circles of hands
11 Back again
12 A little big while
13 Hangman
14 Point of return
15 The one outside
16 Fairy priest
17 wounded pioneers
18 tributes
19 True Romance (Bonus TV Special 2010)
20 Space Waters (Bonus TV Special 2010)
21 Windows / Spain / Love your life (Bonus TV Special 2010)
22 A little big while (Bonus TV Special 2010)